Saturday, November 14, 2009

Anchor vs Flow

The two essential states of creative capture...
and the different tools that should be used at each point.

  • state of mind
  • stream of thought
  • uninterrupted interplay between characters of the mind
  • multi-polar discussion
tool: chaining, threads

  • memory stamp
  • connections
  • ships that are related
  • solidifying a thread to transit lines in the mind
  • abstraction back into the footprints of an outcome
  • stop

tool: mind map

Tool selection depends on the state and purpose.
The mind map is not always the best form of capturing thought.

Perhaps start with a thread (could be visual represented as a lightning shaped +/- polar back-and-forth in order to keep it moving forward or a more mathematical logic statement arrangement), during which an outcome may be deducted, at which point an anchor is needed (could be in the form of a mind mapping exercise) to abstract the experiences and past deductions that led to the current outcome as well as lock the outcome in mind through association.