Thursday, May 27, 2010

Evolution of iPad apps

I love painting with my fingers. My fingers love painting with me. The one thing that i don't like is when there are barriers to creativity pushed upon me because of an interface between what i need to do and actually doing it. Changing brushes, colors etc.. Requires me to jump out of one frame of mind and into another..

Then i thought of something really cool that could have an application way beyond just a drawing up:

Each finger on your hand is unique... And also has a way of identifying it... Your fingerprint! The same way a police file works. Why can't we then assign to each finger an item (a brush, a color, an action, etc.. You name it.. The sky really is the limit). When the screen is pressed it gets the finger print of the finger and executes the movement under the conditions assigned to the identified finger. If nothing is assigned then it just uses the default setting.

This idea could open up a whole field of UX opportunities for touch screen... That is, if it is even technically possible.

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Joel Spiro said...

For those that don't get excited about drawing apps... Let's dive into the world of gaming...

IF we had fingerprint recognition technology on touch screen and you could assign things to a particular finger imagine a game where you for example assign to you index finger a riffle, you middle finger a grenade and you thumb a shield etc..

Imagine that in a fighting game like street fighter... Punch is index, middle punch is middle finger, thumb is block etc.. It would be sooo awesome.