Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Children profiles on Facebook

"In order to be eligible to sign up for Facebook, users must be thirteen (13) years of age or older." - Facebook Help

So instead when tagging a photo most people tag a baby or child with the account of the child's mum or dad. Why? because obviously there is a need to be able to identify your child or someone else's child in a photo and share it with friends and family. And lets not forget find photos based on those tags.

I understand why having a profile for a baby or child is against the terms of service and also why some people are against starting a Facebook profile for your child, but what I am imagining is that instead of opening up profiles to every living thing Faceboook should follow the natural way things happen in the real world. A mum and/or dad should be able to create a sub account for the child and then at a certain age when the child gets his/her own profile can choose to inherit the content tagged against his parent's subaccount. Sort of like a history dump or backfilling with your personality.

I wonder if the parent should be allowed to keep the subaccount forever... "You", through the eyes of your mum :). I am sure every teenager would reply "No".

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